Who are we

We are currently a dedicated team of 3 members, working on the first restaurant menu directory in the Netherlands. We are however based in Germany and Sweden.

What is restaurantmenus.nl about

Our mission is to offer all the accessible restaurant menus in the Netherlands as updated as possible. However it may happen that some information may be outdated sometimes, because restaurant and menus prices are changing rapidly these days, thanks to inflation šŸ™‚ Apologies for the inconvenience caused in this case!

History of restaurantmenus.nl

Restaurantmenus.nl was formed 2022 and is looking forward to attract interested users and to offer the most comprehensive restaurant menu directory available in the internet for the Netherlands.

Contact us

Contact us at info@restaurantmenus.nl – we are very happy to answer any question!

Our contact address


Artillerigatan 6

11451 Stockholm/Sweden